While the rest of the population undergoes Movember, or sips eggnog lattes, or studies for exams, November for me is a much more intense adventure. Beginning in November and culminating December 31st, I do an annual Book Retrieval.

This year, like the years before it, I will spend the next two months bemoaning my carefree attitude at lending books and trying to figure out who has what. Don’t get me wrong, I love to lend books, I think it’s one of the unique joys that books have. It’s just always a hassle trying to get the ones you love back to you.

With the increase in my poetry library, so increases the amount of poetry that’s flying in the wind somewhere. These next months will be tricky, but it’s a quest I take on willingly, and with grave determination.


what I’m reading this weekend


also, it’s difficult to review poetry like Ian Williams’ book Personals when your friends steal them and never return them. It really slows down the process, if you can believe it.

#hashtag #poetry

Twitter, a microblogging platform that facilitates the communication of messages in 140 characters or less.

Poetry: not often 140 characters or less.

However, despite the fact that on the surface, poetry and Twitter are mutually exclusive, a vibrant community of poets and poetry lovers has erupted on Twitter. Using hashtags, dedicated accounts, and press-driven trends, Twitter has become one of the few places online I use to find new poetry that interests me.

Personally, I participate in the hashtag #todayspoem, which is pretty straightforward. I post a line or two, use the hashtag, and post the source in a following tweet, again using the hashtag. Others on twitter do this daily, and I follow the hashtag to find both new and old poems alike.

Some of the folks using the hashtag I know, others are from across the country and they are all reading such a wide variety of material that I am always able to find something new (to me) and wonderful.

Check it out, and join in!