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Image: The Poetry of Daphne Marlatt Selected with an introduction by Susan Knutson

Image: The Poetry of Daphne Marlatt
Selected with an introduction by Susan Knutson


Poster by S James Curtis.

Poster by S James Curtis.

Poetry Slam and Open Mic
Featuring 2-time Vancouver slam team member Erin Kirsh
Sat Nov 30th 2013
Little Bean Coffee Bar 417 King St West
Sign up at 7pm, Open Mic at 7:30, Slam begins at 8
$5 or Pay What You Can


About our feature poet:
Erin Kirsh is a Vancouver based writer, a spoken word poet, and a generally enthusiastic person. She is a two time member of the Vancouver Poetry Team and the Canadian 2012/2013 Haiku Death Match Champion. She has a dirty mouth, cute neuroses, and understands that the only reason she gets away with saying the things she does is because she has a baby face. She will pretend to be all eyelashes, when really, she is only somewhat eyelashes and lots and lots of teeth. Her poetry is the result of cynicism and whimsy getting together and drinking too much. Erin likes playing, cats and making fun of stuff she loves.


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While the rest of the population undergoes Movember, or sips eggnog lattes, or studies for exams, November for me is a much more intense adventure. Beginning in November and culminating December 31st, I do an annual Book Retrieval.

This year, like the years before it, I will spend the next two months bemoaning my carefree attitude at lending books and trying to figure out who has what. Don’t get me wrong, I love to lend books, I think it’s one of the unique joys that books have. It’s just always a hassle trying to get the ones you love back to you.

With the increase in my poetry library, so increases the amount of poetry that’s flying in the wind somewhere. These next months will be tricky, but it’s a quest I take on willingly, and with grave determination.