Hafling | Kathleen Ferguson

My sister’s work! Congrats Kathleen!


they ask me about mythology and I tell them
I want to be a harpy, I want to have talons

I want to be beautiful and winged, with my breasts
pooling down my chest, unashamed

I want to snatch up those who paint me as ugly
and feed them to the furies, I want them to starve

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Siren | Louise Glück – my #todayspoem

I became a criminal when I fell in love.
Before that I was a waitress.

I didn’t want to go to Chicago with you.
I wanted to marry you, I wanted
Your wife to suffer.

I wanted her life to be like a play
In which all the parts are sad parts.

Does a good person
Think this way? I deserve

Credit for my courage–

I sat in the dark on your front porch.
Everything was clear to me:
If your wife wouldn’t let you go
That proved she didn’t love you.
If she loved you
Wouldn’t she want you to be happy?

I think now
If I felt less I would be
A better person. I was
A good waitress.
I could carry eight drinks.

I used to tell you my dreams.
Last night I saw a woman sitting in a dark bus–
In the dream, she’s weeping, the bus she’s on
Is moving away. With one hand
She’s waving; the other strokes
An egg carton full of babies.

The dream doesn’t rescue the maiden.

#NaBloPoMo day 1

 So, for Day 1 (technically yesterday but I worked late!) I’m going to talk about the book that started it all. 

Well, it didn’t start anything as revitalise and streamline things for me poetry-wise. In 2008 I read Atwood’s Power Politics for the first time. Until this book, I’d enjoyed poetry, fancied myself a writer, etc. 

Power Politics changed not only how I viewed poetry but how I viewed the woman’s experience. It seemed to me like the first time a poem was calling out the flaws of relationships, the failings. And Atwood’s voice, which I’d loved in the Handmaid’s Tale, was even stronger here. 

This collection is where her famous poem “you fit into me” can be found. I remember turning to that page for the first time and feeling like I’d taken a shot to the face. The starkness took me aback and the cleverness of the lines had me thinking about it days later. 

(This is all very stream of consciousness, as I’m typing on my phone during my break)

I’ll share one of my favourites from Power Politics:


What is it, it does not

move like love, it does

not want to know, it

does not want to stroke, unfold


it does not even want to 

touch, it is more like

an animal (not 

loving) a 

thing trapped, you move

wounded, you are hurt, you hurt,

you want to get out, you want

to tear yourself out, I am


the outside, I am snow and 

space, pathways, you gather 

yourself, your muscles


clutch, you move

into me as though I 

am (wrenching 

your way through, this is

urgent, it is your

life) the

last chance for freedom. 



I’ve gone on to read as much of Atwood’s poetry as possible, but nothing affects me quite like that first book. 

my summer has been non-stop poetry, I can’t even believe it.

loving it!

#hashtag #poetry

Twitter, a microblogging platform that facilitates the communication of messages in 140 characters or less.

Poetry: not often 140 characters or less.

However, despite the fact that on the surface, poetry and Twitter are mutually exclusive, a vibrant community of poets and poetry lovers has erupted on Twitter. Using hashtags, dedicated accounts, and press-driven trends, Twitter has become one of the few places online I use to find new poetry that interests me.

Personally, I participate in the hashtag #todayspoem, which is pretty straightforward. I post a line or two, use the hashtag, and post the source in a following tweet, again using the hashtag. Others on twitter do this daily, and I follow the hashtag to find both new and old poems alike.

Some of the folks using the hashtag I know, others are from across the country and they are all reading such a wide variety of material that I am always able to find something new (to me) and wonderful.

Check it out, and join in!